Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 
2018 will see the start of the 4th Year of Veterans Bereavement Support and we have continued to help and support veterans and their families across the United Kingdom to access quality care and support at the time of need. With over 1500 families a year accessing our advice and information helpline and literally thousands of others who have. 
In addition to the practical support, we have been involved with over 300 ceremonial funerals in 2017 alone, that is 300 families who have then had access to the support services that we offer. 
In 2018 we plan to open some support centres that are in the hearts of the community, where people can meet, gain support, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. A place where memories can be shared and comfort sought. 
These centres will be available to all those who have lost someone special and for there families and will be managed by a coordinator and volunteers who we will train in bereavement care and support. 
These initial centres will be in: 
• Romsey/ Salisbury 
• Plymouth 
• Norfolk 
• Scotland – venue to be confirmed 
• Wales – venue to be confirmed 
• Selsey – Sussex 
• Manchester 
The lead office for the helpline will be in the Salisbury area and will be the focus and national resource point for the UK and the smaller but equally important offices will be providing the interaction in the communities. We will also train more volunteer bereavement counsellors across the Country. 
This is a very special and unique opportunity to provide essential bereavement care and support that is not a statutory funded service. 
Together we can make a difference to the lives of all the bereaved. 
We are launching a campaign to help us to achieve the set-up costs for the bereavement centre and will post the link shortly. 
Alternatively, cheques can be sent to 
Veterans Bereavement Support 
9 Love Lane 
S051 8DE