Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 

 VETERANS FUND (access to small grants to help with funeral costs)  

Time after time we hear of those who have served our Country who pass away with no family and no funds to pay for a funeral and consequently must have Public Health Funerals otherwise known as Paupers Funerals. 
We have had the Ex Service Organisations ask about ways of supporting these people with grants towards the cost of a funeral when they cannot access funding from any other source. In response to this we are establishing the Veterans Funeral Fund. 
The Fund, is managed by representatives from the services and is available as a top up for funerals of those who have served and genuinely cannot access enough finance to ensure that the basic dignified funeral is conducted. 
We believe firmly that anyone who has served our Country should be given a dignified funeral and the Veterans Fund will be able to help make this happen. The fund is unique and set up by ourselves. In time, it is hoped this will stop the need for the ongoing requests in the media for donations to pay for a veteran’s funeral and we hope that people will be able to donate to the fund online on an ongoing basis. 
You can donate direct to the Veterans Funeral Fund via the following link