Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 


We are an independent Community Organisation providng Free advice and information for Veterans and their families across the United Kingdom. 
We are run by a dedicated team of volunteers who come from service backgrounds and who now give back their time, skills and talents to the community. 
There are no costs involved with using the services and we provide the latest advice for you and we continue to take to ensure that our 
resources are kept updated throuhout the year. 
Recently we have undergone some significant restructuring and changes in the management of our project, this has enabled us to concentrate more 
on the bereavement care and support services and extend our advice and information services.  
We no longer offer a Veterans Funeral Plan but are able to point veterans in the right direction of a veterans orientated provider. 
We are not connected to any other organisation and neither are we funeral directors. 
We are grateful for the tremendous support that is given by other organisations, businesses and individuals in relation to our work both in the past and also in the future.