Supporting all those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy 
as they experience bereavement and loss. 
The Veterans Bereavement Support Centres are community drop-in centres aimed at bringing together primarily, but not exclusively, men and women who have served in the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy over the years and their family. 
The centres will provide the opportunity to access free bereavement support services, advice sessions and the opportunity to have more interaction with others in similar circumstances. 
The centres will also provide learning opportunities for those bereaved men and women who are not used to cooking for one, who need help in learning new household skills, especially if their loved one used to undertake these tasks. 
The centres will also work to access as many resources as possible that will benefit all those affected by bereavement and loss, to enhance their lives for the better good. 
In addition to the bereavement and support services, these centres will also provide opportunities for those affected by PTSD and provide support and help. 
Away from the support networks we provide, these centres will become a focal point where people can come together, interact with others, and learn from each other for the common good. 
We are currently raising funds for the first of these centres and to train volunteers to run them, we have raised £9000 towards our £20000 target and hope that we will gain support shortly, but satalite centres are already available in some areas. 
HAMPSHIRE SUPPORT CENTRE - This will open early in October 2017 in Romsey 
Norfolk Support Centre - This will open in Great Yarmouth in October 2017 
More centres to open when we raise significant funds 
We are grateful to the National Lottery who have provided some funding towards the Veterans Bereavement Support Centres