Free advice and support for veterans and their families experiencing bereavement. 


Funerals come in many different formats and styles according to the wishes of the deceased and the family, and families ask for ideas on the final journey that makes them different than the more traditional viewpoints. Our funeral service advice team are more than willing to talk with you and make you aware of the alternatives available and the potential costs that are involved. Through our work we can access a purpose-built jeep for the final journey rather than the traditional hearse and there are other options available. 
When discussing the service itself, we do have a register of celebrants and padres across the country who have the experience to conduct ceremonial funerals for veterans and they know what is included and when the act of remembrance should happen etc. There are many styles of service available from the religious service at the local church or crematorium through to the non-religious services held at the crematorium, or the memorial services, we can now also advise on a home funeral service that saves money and is a new modern approach. Our advice line can help you make these decisions. 
We also have access to alternative ways to take your loved one on their final journey including a military land rover hearse, horse drawn carriages and even a camper van, depending on your wishes and subject to availability. 
For our Naval veterans, we can also arrange burial at sea services and scattering of ashes at sea- again please ask for details